Bio-tecBio-Tec Equine Supplement 1.5kg

Bio-Tec ‘Plus’ is a blend of chicory inulin prebiotic, and SC1-1077 live yeast Probotic, combined with ground cereal. The live yeast acts as a barrier against harmful gut bacteria. Used daily it can help help prevent flatulence, dietary looseness, colitis, torsion & bloat, and help reduce halitosis (bad breath). It also stabilises stomach acidity, and stimulates the immune system which helps to fight infections. Bio-Tec ‘Plus’ improves the uptake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, which can result in improved general health, skin and coat condition. Animals can’t tell us if they are feeling out of sorts, a bit bloated, or suffering from stomach pain. These symptoms can result in our pets becoming reluctant to eat, as they associate eating with the resulting discomfort. Bio-Tec’Plus’ is designed to help regulate gut activity, helping to ensure that all of the elements in the digestive process are in tip top condition, all the way from top to ‘bottom’. This should keep your pet healthy, inside out.

Bio-Tec ‘Plus’ Equine is available in 1.5kg

Helps reduce incidences of flatulence, colic, torsion & bloat etc.
Reduces stress and can have calmative effects.
Optimises the production of volatile fatty acids which can improve general health, and coat condition where possible.
Improves availability of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients.
Stimulates the auto-Immune system, which may help the response to disease organisms.
Can improve conception rates and reproductive performance.
All of the ingredients are pure, natural and contain no known banned substances.
Cooked Cereals, Frutafit HD Chicory Inulin, Eurocell (SC1-1077) Live Yeast, Fresta F (Onion, Garlic, Camomile, Nettle, Peppermint, Fruit & Vegetable constituents.
All ingredients are pure and natural